Monday, 20 April 2009

Preparing for the 1st Working Group Meeting

Hope you saw the piece in the Journal on April 9th - quite good except for the lack of reassurance about the graveyard. Let me re-iterate - nothing is going to happen to it.

3 weeks today since the meeting, so I expect some of you want to know what's been going on (apart from Easter services and all that..). Well, the beginnings of a working group have been drawn together - a possible 13 of us are going to meet on May 1st to plan the next steps - marketing, business plans, feasibility, funding... 

Also the minutes of the 30th March meeting have been written up in 2 sides - I was going to attach it to this, but apparently blogs don't work that way, so just email me/ send a comment and I'll mail it to you.

Welcome if you've found us from facebook - somehow we need a link between the two sites I feel!

Still a mountain to climb to save St.John's, but it feel a whole lot more possible now than it did at the start of the year. Thanks everyone.  



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