Monday, 4 May 2009

Bemerton Community Group Meeting

We've now had the first meeting of the Bemerton Community Group, set up to look at conversion of St John’s for community use. I was elected Chair of the Group for remainder of 2009.

Our first thought was to say thank you to the more than 60 people who have volunteered to help – they will be hearing from the Group! And we also wanted to thank all the people who helped to distribute the 2,500 flyers about the public meeting on 30th March: it was most important in getting such a very good turn out.

The Group has set up three Task Teams which will each consider one aspect of the work needed to realise our dream of a wonderful new community facility at St John’s:

  • The User Team will be looking at the need for the facility and the ideas for using it. This group is being co-ordinated by Terri Scott-Jupp who says that they will be getting in touch with as many people as possible for views and ideas.

  • The Project/Building Team will be exploring the possibilities and constraints on the physical changes to the building and will be co-ordinated by Roger Eagle. Among other things they will be exploring green options.

  • And the Fundraising/Marketing Team, co-ordinated by Anne Trevett, will begin to look at funding possibilities. We will be looking for grants from Trusts and Foundations but are very aware that all of these will be looking for evidence of local community support and fundraising.

The three Task Teams will be working separately and together to produce a viable plan to present at the next planned village public meeting in September 2009. The Group will meet again on 26th June to review progress. In the meantime, let us know if you would be interested in working with or assisting any of the teams.


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