Saturday, 3 October 2009

Successful Public Meeting

We were very pleased that over 60 people came along to our public meeting on September 28th in the Bemerton Club. We were able to tell everybody a bit about the Bemerton Community Group, how it was organised, and what we had been doing since the previous meeting in March.

In our presentation we talked about the church’s formal change of use of the main part of St. John’s, our efforts to find out what sort of things the building could be used for, what kind of alterations are likely to be needed, and where the money to fund our project might come from. We also explained what we need to do next. After the presentation there was a short break for refreshments, and then we had a very useful question and answer session.

In the last couple of weeks we have been circulating a questionnaire as widely as we can within the local community to find out what activities people would like the building to be used for. If you haven’t already received it, please get hold of one and fill it in - we want to know your views. On the back of the form is a list of places where you can drop it off when you’ve filled it in. If you want to complete the form online, go to:

We need the forms completed by no later than 31st October.


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