Saturday, 24 May 2014

We had 3 public meetings in May - and over 100 people came and heard about the new plans and saw the images and the scale of what's needed to do.
Lots of you have written in to the Planners and Church Commissioners in support of the plans - thank you! We should hear in the next month (July) what the planners think of it. We've had a cautious letter of support from English Heritage which is amazing!
Thank you to all who have given or pledged to give so far - a hugely encouraging £40,000 so far from the community! Nearly half way to that particular total.
We've had such a great response its going to take a while to thank you all individually - but we''ll get there.
No good news from Wilts Local Education Authority yet - they are still playing politics  - pass the parcel from one desk to another, but we're keeping the pressure up.
Some disappointments from major grant givers too - a couple of "no's", but we've still got lots of irons in the fire including a bid to the National Lottery for £100k. More prayer or fingers crossed - whichever is your style!
We're also making progress on the project plan and critical path, and to dealing with our PR and website. We really need help with our databases and in lots of ways, and in the next few weeks should be able to appeal for help with particular jobs.
Finally, Bemerton Community Ltd elected some new Directors at our AGM - Ben Thornton, who is a solicitor and parent at the school, and Vaughan Watts who is Chair of School governors, and Hilary Bird, the churchwarden. All bring valuable expertise and skills to the group.
Things are happening!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Thank you! To all who came to the public meeting on May 1st in St.Johns it was awesome!
Here's what's been happening
New Logo and name  -
Plans finally drawn up and submitted to planning
(you can support by sending letters to the church planners and the council planners - model letters here)
A timetable of phased building works  - starting work in April 2015
A serious money finding mission has begun.
We're asking for £100,000 from the local community - 1/6 of the total cost!
But its possible.

We're now also on Facebook  - St. John's Place

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Keep in touch. its all happening!