Monday, 23 February 2015

iPad raffle results

Raffle Results!

Thank you so much to all who braved the freezer-like conditions of the church on Valentines Day and made a memorable raffle draw. There were lots of prizes - from cuddly toys and chocolate, to brandy and a game! But the main prize was the iPad. We made £1,112.86 from the raffle, with £92.86 of that coming from the drinks and cakes! Thanks to Councillor John Walsh for pulling the tickets.
In terms of world records it soon became clear that no-one was going to come near to keeping 3 balloons aloft for over 5 minutes. Archie managed to keep 2 balls going for 53 seconds, but Ethan and Harry were far behind on just 15 seconds each! John-Paul kept 1 balloon in the air for over 6 minutes - but that really was quite easy! Well done to Darcy, Amelia and Daisy for taking part too!
The best part of the day was that with a dozen children, their parents, and a scattering of older folk it really was a foretaste of the kind of community that SJP could create in just a few months time.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Year round up

Sorry its been so long since I last wrote - I blame Christmas, and then January, and now I've run out of people to pass the buck to, so I guess I better write it!

Events -
Fantastic Christmas Concert as ever  - 250 people jammed into the church, raising £1500, but also a whole of lot of joy! What will it be like next year, with heating and chairs!!

Coming up on Saturday February 14th - the iPad Raffle and World Record Breaking attempts! Please join us from 11am, raffle draw at 12 noon. If you'd like a ticket and a good chance to win a prize then contact Ben Thornton who would be very happy to sell you 1 or 5 or more!

Building  -
Drawings are being finalised, and next month we will be inviting companies to tender for the work. We need to start in April in order to be ready by September!

Legal things -
The Diocese is drawing up leases for Bemerton Community Group and the PCC to negotiate with and sign, and then the school will have a separate licence with Bem Com.

Fundraising -
We're 3/4's of the way there! Amazing! £300,000 is a fantastic sum. If you know of anyone with the last £100,000 to spare, please let us know. Its painful to get so close and still be short. We will be calling on those of you made pledges of money in the next few months too, so expect a letter.

Answers to Prayer -
We've been having prayer nights for SJP (St.John's Place) on the 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm in St.Andrews, and you're very welcome to join us. Since we prayed we've got planning permission, new helpers, someone to do PR - it looks like prayer really does work (but I would say that, I'm a vicar!).