Monday, 6 July 2015

From red light to amber..

THE FINAL 40 - the thrilling follow-up

“THANK YOU EVERYONE!”  That’s the message from those leading the project to save Bemerton St John’s church - and turn it into a thriving community hub.  The launch of their Final 40 campaign saw the people of Bemerton and Salisbury rally in a remarkable way:  Rev Simon Woodley says “the community response has been fantastic and, at times, quite moving.  People have been so generous, and many have given in memory of loved ones who were connected to St. John’s church.”
Thanks to this tremendous last push, the project has raised more than £32,000 of the £40k so desperately needed.  Phase 1 of the renovations could start soon – but only if the City Council agrees a crucial grant next week. 
If this grant doesn’t come in, the project could stall at the last second!  Years of hard work and fundraising from local people will be lost – and a beautiful church boarded up forever. 
If the project doesn’t go ahead, we will endeavour to give back all the money that has been so generously donated so far.
Anyone who can help is urged to donate.  “We are putting name plaques on chairs for donors,” says Rev Woodley, “and if we go ahead we’ll be collecting in the pledges in the next few weeks.” The Group need every penny as they start on raising £200k for Phases 2 and 3, which include the toilets and kitchen!  
“But the good news is we hope to be starting soon, and the community and school will have this building back again, in even better shape than before!”
With the days ticking down to our deadline, your help could make all the difference.  If you would like to donate, you can do so online, at our fundraising page -

Alternatively, please make a cheque payable to “Bemerton Community Ltd”, and send to The Treasurer, 83 Lower Rd, Salisbury SP2 9NH.  We are a registered charity.