Monday, 29 March 2010

A Quiet Three Months?

While the first three months of this year have not seen much in the way of Group activity, quite a lot has been happening behind the scenes with all the task teams making progress in their respective areas of responsibility.

Armed with the results of our survey, the User Team is now looking a little wider afield than the local community, trying to identify other possible users of the facilities we need to provide. Meanwhile the Building Team is visiting various similar projects to pick up some tips and find out what lessons we can learn from their experience. The Funding Team has drawn up a list of the various grant-making bodies that might possibly support our project, and is in the process of applying for money for the next phase of our work. We are also starting to plan some local fundraising activities.

A few weeks ago we briefed the Wilton Estate on our efforts to secure a future for St. John’s, and Lord Pembroke came to Lower Bemerton recently to see for himself what we hope to achieve. It is good to have such influential support.

Finally, we have now managed to raise the small amount of money needed to qualify for registration with the Charity Commission, so that we can benefit from Gift Aid in future.


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