Monday, 10 November 2014

Local Giving

They're giving us money!

Sometimes you can't believe the way the world works! The government have promised to match fund anything given (up to £10) on the local giving website.
And then Wilts Community Foundation (bless 'em) have also promised to donate a further £10.

So basically if you go to and donate £10, we'll get £30 in return! (and even more if you can gift-aid it).

Here's the catch - the government only put £1.5 million into this scheme, and all the other cunning charities have been doing this for ages, and we've only just caught up, so most of the money is gone. In fact there's less than £100,000 left. So be quick, only give a tenner, and we'll be another step closer to making St.Johns a reality!


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