Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holiday Season Progress

Despite the holiday season, the Group has still been busy looking ways of converting the church building into a community centre. Now that the parish has made a formal request for partial deconsecration, we can get on with turning the Group into a charitable company so that, as trustees, we can collect and hold the funds needed for the conversion. We are now trying to work out how much money we will need to raise.

Thanks to all those who filled in survey forms for us, either at the School Fete or the Bemerton BBQ, we were able to gather some initial ideas about how St. John’s might be used by the local community. Although this was just a pilot study, it has helped us to design a better questionnaire which is now being circulated throughout the local area. If you receive one please fill it in, even if you completed one of our earlier forms. We need to know your views.

We promised to hold another village public meeting and this will be in the Bemerton Club on Monday 28th September, when we will let everyone know how the Group is getting on and what we plan to do next.


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