Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What's it all about?

Sometimes when tasks get hard (or just downright overwhelming) its good to remind yourself - why am I doing this? So as we wait for the news any moment from planning, and consider that we've not reached half way in fundraising but there's only 9 months or so until we're supposed to start building - gulp! I feel the need to ask myself - why?!
Why do we want to create St.John's Place?
1 Because if we don't, the building will be closed and left to fall down - which would be a great loss to the village, to those with memories attached. It would also be an eyesore and if anyone wanted to bring it back to use in years to come, they would have an even bigger job.
2 Because communities need places to gather in - it could be the pub - but we don't have one. It could be a village hall - but we don't have one of those either. Lower Bemerton and Quidhampton don't have a post office or village shop - so there's no place for community to grow. Here is the gift of space.
3 Because the school needs room to expand if its going to thrive. It can't expand on its current site unless they build a second storey. What folly to bus pupils to locations elsewhere for facilities which could be housed opposite.

These are the reasons I'm working for this. The honest truth is I'm not worried about the church bit of it all - theres's a good church building 100 yards down the road and another in the heart of the parish. This isn't about church, its about communities. Your community. Lets keep going, however hard it gets, because you're worth it!


Jane the Booklady said...

We are a good, loving community and we are lucky enough to have some great people helping us. I believe that we will succeed with St John and we will have a wonderful base for all our gatherings and celebrations.

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