Friday, 18 July 2014

Help Wanted! It could be you!

We had a great meeting of the Core Group last week (it was Part II, as Part I was shortened because of the football world cup - remember that?). We have begun to shape our project plan - 110 tasks or so, with deadliness and dependencies and milestones. Its great to have all that needs to be done in one place. Its also daunting! We went through and assigned people responsible for lots of jobs - we have a treasurer, we have fundraisers, but there were quite a few blank spaces - a job needs doing, but we have no person!
So here is the preliminary list - please let me know if it might be you!!
a part time paid administrator
a minutes secretary for the Core Group
a Bemerton St.John school gate representative
a web site designer
someone to manage our database of supporters

Without you, it really won't happen!


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