Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Planning latest..

First - Don't forget the bric-a-brac sale in the porch - 1:00pm - Sat 13th Sept

Well, would you 'Adam and Eve' it? Not only did the Diocesan Director of Education retire last summer, depriving us a fruitful contact and leaving us to re-establish links and hang on to £50k of funding, but now our Planning Officer left the council! Why won't people stand still on our chess board?! What this means is that our plans, submitted on April 28th to Wiltshire Council, are in danger of just begin forgotten, and not dealt with for months. We don't have that time to spare, we need to be starting building by April 1st 2015, so we've asked our local councillor, John Walsh, to do something about it. We wait with interest.

Meanwhile next week I have a trip to Church House in London (its a bit like the Ministry for Magic in Harry Potter, but harder to find!) to persuade the committee that its really a good idea to close the church and re-use it as a community centre and worship space with the school. I've no idea how it will go, but if they say "no" it would seriously shipwreck our current plan. So here's hoping.

Good news is that I heard today we have another £25 k in grants, and an astonishingly generous funeral last week donated the collection of over £600 - so we are getting there. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. It will be so worth it to save this amazing building and to have a place for the community to meet at last.


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