Friday, 29 August 2014

Prayer and Pennies

New developments!!  First a jumble sale in St.John's on Saturday 13th September at 1:00pm. Please come and support us, on your way to Quidhampton Village Fete. It may seem like a few pennies compared to the total we have to reach, but it all helps, and helps raise the profile!

BBC Wilts announced on 24 August  that "a 7ft tall thermometer measuring the success of a fund raiser at Athelstan Players in Malmesbury, has been stolen". So if someone offers you one for St.John's Place please say no!

If every little penny helps, then every prayer helps too. We're going to start a monthly prayer meeting to pray for the success of the project - first one on Tues 23rd Sept, 7:30 in St.Johns - after that we'll move into the warmth of St.Andrews. All are most welcome to join us.

No, we still haven't heard more from the planners, but I'll be chasing them up this week.


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