Monday, 23 February 2015

iPad raffle results

Raffle Results!

Thank you so much to all who braved the freezer-like conditions of the church on Valentines Day and made a memorable raffle draw. There were lots of prizes - from cuddly toys and chocolate, to brandy and a game! But the main prize was the iPad. We made £1,112.86 from the raffle, with £92.86 of that coming from the drinks and cakes! Thanks to Councillor John Walsh for pulling the tickets.
In terms of world records it soon became clear that no-one was going to come near to keeping 3 balloons aloft for over 5 minutes. Archie managed to keep 2 balls going for 53 seconds, but Ethan and Harry were far behind on just 15 seconds each! John-Paul kept 1 balloon in the air for over 6 minutes - but that really was quite easy! Well done to Darcy, Amelia and Daisy for taking part too!
The best part of the day was that with a dozen children, their parents, and a scattering of older folk it really was a foretaste of the kind of community that SJP could create in just a few months time.


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