Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting ready to run SJP

Do you like the snappy title - SJP - its stands for St.John's Place and I hope it will catch on as it much quicker to type! So what I'm aware of is that as well as working on the capital funding to get the building converted and the all the contacts and tenders that go with that to get it ready for open day in September 2015... we also need to get things ready to run in the building then. We can't simply wait till its all ready and then set about finding groups and users and setting up a management committee and all that. So I find myself riding a second train on parallel tracks at the same time! Ouch!
Actually its quite exciting as people come forward to say they want to use the centre. There is of course exercise classes, and the school, but there is also an after-school club that will run, and a group of older people (forgive my poor vocabulary, I'm not meaning to label people.... better stop digging now!) who are looking at a range of activities that they would like to see. We also have commissioned an artist to do some inter-generational community development work, and there is even a youth worker who is "checking out the scene" or some similar young people's speak for seeing if there's potential for a youth cafe or activity (definitely not just a lounge around space - we are not raising £400,000 in a grade 2 listed building just for some sofas and a wide screen TV!). And yes, we're still chasing the last £100,000. Any one got any wealthy friends?


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