Monday, 13 April 2015

Its all about the press..

I've had a post-Easter break, which was lovely, thanks, so I've done nothing of note worth reporting about SJP. However others have been busy. Nigel continues with Phase 2 of a big lottery bid - we're talking in the region of £66k. Katherine is putting out collection boxes again - which is a great way of raising awareness. And Tasha has been pestering the press! The sad fact is that when the project goes well, the papers don't want to know, but when its "bad news" or "jeopardy" then they have an angle to go for. Well we're pretty "jeopardy" right now, so they are getting interested again.
So far we've managed to get in Valley News (hurray) and even Salisbury Life -  p7 - not a full-page spread but a good 1/3! And the Journal are getting ready to to run a story too. Lets pray / fingers crossed (we like to be inclusive!) that somewhere someone finds the missing money for us, before its too late!


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