Friday, 3 April 2015

St John’s has its "Rocky" moment

 In the  classic 80s film "Rocky",  the boxer has a moment when he realises its all to play for and all to lose, and that's when he starts training in earnest. Well, we've hit that moment with St John’s! 
In the last month or so we've realised that we haven't got enough money to start building, and yet the school needs the building in September, so we have to start soon, or not at all. To add to the drama, the tenders for the building work came in much higher than any of us anticipated, even the professional quantity surveyors. But it’s not over yet.
What are we doing?
Firstly, our architect Paul Stevens  is working hard with the builder to reduce costs and  they have already saved over £100,000!

Secondly, Nigel Haynes has managed to get our Lottery Bid through to stage 2.
But even that still leaves us with a £100,000 gap
-          Tom Clay, our treasurer, is having discussions with the Diocesan Board of Education to see if they can give more money, given that without this building, Bemerton St.John school will have a real headache in September.
-          Anne Trevett is working with our Councillors to  go back to Wiltshire County Council to see how it is possible that we are not eligible for some of their money for local projects. 
-          And  we're going to go to the press in a few weeks time with a make or break story, to try and pressure these large institutions into donating more.
The local community have generously fund raised, given or pledged well over £70,000 over the last 5 years, but we still need more community help. We are going to be calling in pledges in the next few weeks, and if you can give more than you said originally that would be wonderful. 
You might like to sponsor one of our Trustees, Ben Thornton, as he runs round the Isle of Wight - then follow this link . 
If you're still interested in buying a pew (9ft or 12ft) then let Hilary Bird know here
If you want to join a group to do fundraising, or to put on activities when it is built, or to help in 
others ways - then please get in touch.
Between now and May is when we will either win this, or lose. After that, the building quotes will expire, the school will find other places, and the committee will have no option but to wind up the company and hand back all the money. 
Don't let that happen. 
We're so close. 
We can do it!

Rector of Bemerton, Chair of Bemerton Community Ltd


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